Sylvia Sasse is Full Professor for Slavic Literary Studies at University of Zurich. She is the author of Texte in Aktion (2003), Wortsünden (2009, russ. 2012), Michail Bachtin zur Einführung (2011) and Hintertüren (2015). She edited works of Michail Bachtin (Zur Philosophie der Handlung) and Nikolaj Evreinov (Theater für sich), and also worked as a curator.

Sabine Hänsgen is a researcher at University of Zurich. She is the author and co-editor of Kulturpalast (1984), Moskau Moskau (1987), Lianosowo (1992), Präprintium (1998), Sovetskaya vlast i media (Soviet Power and Media, 2006), Der gewöhnliche Faschismus (2009), and Yuri Albert. Fragen der Kunst (2014). She is a Slavic scholar, cultural and media historian and also works as a translator and curator, and since the mid-1980s she has been participating in the performances of the group “Collective Actions”.

On her research work see also:
“Moscow Conceptualism in the 1980s: Interview by Olga Martin,” in ARTMargins [online]. Contemporary East-Central European Visual Culture, 27.8.2015.

Tomáš Glanc is a researcher at University of Zurich. He is the author of Videnie russkich avangardov (1999), Lexicon of Russian Avant-Gardes (in Czech, 2005), Icons of post-soviet culture (in Czech, 2011), Autoren im Ausnahmezustand: die tschechische und russische Parallelkutur (in print), he edited works of Roman Jakobson and Tartu semiotic school and is also working as a curator.

Kata Krasznahorkai is a researcher at the University of Zurich on the interrelation between performance art and the secret services. She studied Art History in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. She is the author of “Surveilling the Public Sphere. The First Hungarian Happening in Secret Agents Reports” (2018), “Heightened Alert: The Underground Art Scene in the Sights of the Secret Police—Surveillance Files as a Resource for Research into Artists’ Activities in the Underground of the 1960s and 1970s” (2015)and  “Geheimdienst und Underground. Wie Spitzel unser Wissen über Kunst vermehren” (2012). Krasznahorkai is also active as the chairwoman of the non-profit organisation Critique&Culture e.V. ( and as a curator for art and performance.

Nastasia Louveau is a PhD candidate at University of Zurich. She graduated in Slavic Literatures from Humboldt University Berlin with an MA thesis on Documentary Strategies in Graphic Narratives about the Wars in Yugoslavia. She is now working on a doctoral thesis on Pair Performances in South Eastern European Art (1960-1990); she takes part in the transdisciplinary doctoral program „Embodiment — Gender — Construction: Aesthetic and Social Practices“.

You can follow her experiments as a visual artist on her blog:

Sandra Frimmel is an art historian and coordinator of the Centre for Arts and Cultural Theory at the University of Zurich. She is the author and co-editor of Kunsturteile. Gerichtsprozesse gegen Kunst, Künstler und Kuratoren in Russland nach der Perestroika (2015), La nuova arte sovietica: una prospettiva non ufficiale (2014) and Wiktoria Lomasko, Anton Nikolajew: Verbotene Kunst. Eine Moskauer Ausstellung (2013).